Passive Aggressiveness gets you nothing

Whether at work, or in personal life – I’ve come across people whom derive a certain satisfaction with “getting one in” without having the courage to say it directly.  At the workplace it will often be in form of an email quip, carefully worded and intended to set you a few notches lower in the pecking order.  These are people with skewed sense of entitlement to respect.  Most of the time these digs are thinly veiled admissions of insecurity, and should be called what they are – pathetic.

You have to call them out on it!

I know that many people are non-confrontational, but trust me – this is important.  You know what they said or wrote is wrong because your stomach and jaw tightens when you read it.  Why should you let them bully you, or anyone else?

How do you do it?

If they’ve addressed you publicly, either by cc-ing others, speaking in front of others, or posting a public note – respond in the same manner. Do not reply only to sender.

Explain, how they’re wrong in what they they had said.

Demonstrate your value and show the big picture.  Word it in such way to be clear about how petty and pathetic this person’s complaint was.

Know your worth, protect your worth, and sell your worth. Do not let anyone discount who you are.

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